Nothing is Impossible

Cowboys and Aliens
(I could add to my Christmas-songs list…. really…. !!!!) :) :) :)

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Hi! My name is Brigi and I live in Budapest, Hungary. First of all I am 100% Whovian. Secondly, I love dancing, writing poems and novels.
I love ballet: It is my everything, I do not know what would I do without it.
I love movies and tv series!!! (e.g. The Fountain, The Matrix, Iron Man, 007 James Bond, Gladiator, Doctor Who, Bones, Castle... etc.) I am addicted to actors, such as Matty Smith, Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr., etc. and, of course, Theater as well.
Actually I've never had the time to find three clever sentences about me, but actually WHO am I? That's a tricky question...
How I think of Myself: Sweet, Honest, Faithful, Happy...
How my friends and my family think of me: Subborn, Perfectionist, Lazy, Hungry (always)...
Who I really AM: Purposeful, Dedicated and if I have or love something, I can not let that thing go away... ♥

Folllow me on twitter:!/Bigbitke

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